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Dentist Portland

At Laurelwood Dental we put your comfort at the heart of everything we do. Having a dentist in Portland who cares about your feelings as much as your teeth makes all the difference in your visit. We understand that a trip to the dentist can create anxiety for many people. We strive to make your visit smooth and worry-free, whether you are coming in for a basic dental cleaning, whitening, or other procedure.

Better communication means better service.

Our dentists work for you. That’s why every service begins with a consultation. We’ll explain the procedure and answer any questions you have in full before beginning. Each dentist will keep you well informed and part of the process. Our open communication and gentle style helps reduce anxiety and improve your visit to the dentist. We believe in two-way communication and a partnership in the decision-making process. We are here to inform, not take over.

Patient Focused Dentistry

From your first visit you’ll see we’re dentists with a difference. Your oral health comes first.  Our dentists don’t just focus on treatment, we focus on prevention. After-care can make a major difference. We explain it in full and help you learn the best ways to keep your mouth healthy.

We help with insurance billing and have options for patient payments. Our individualized care for each patient is a big reason we have so many positive referrals. In fact, a majority of our patients who see a Laurelwood dentist come because they know someone who has recommended us.

We offer full-scale services, including general cleaning, diagnostics, and treatment as well as cosmetic service options. Talk to us about your goals, we want you to feel confident about your smile! Our experienced team can get you on track for a healthy mouth and a smile you will be proud of.

Just some of our dental services include:

The Modern Dentist You’ve Been Missing

Our goal is your long-term oral health. As your advocate for the best oral healthcare, we provide clear communication, a safe, clean environment, and use only the most up-to-date technology to make sure all procedures are quick and painless. We stay current on the best forms of treatment to support your comfort and health. Each dentist engages in continuing education to find the latest breakthroughs and information on new products and best practices as they become available.

We understand that choosing a dental clinic is an important step. It requires trust and relationship-building on the part of any dentist. Our mission is to treat each individual with respect, honesty, and kindness. That is a promise we feel any dentist should hold to.

Complete oral health starts now!

If you have any worries, concerns, or questions about visiting a Portland dentist please give us a call. We will work with you in any way we can, getting you the dental care you need. That is the commitment each dentist makes at Laurelwood. We are your dedicated dentist in Portland!

Find the dentist Portland counts on  for compassionate, thorough oral health by contacting us today: 503-284-3575.