Fluoride Portland


Fluoride Portland

Water may contain it, but that doesn’t make it unimportant for dental health. It is used world wide to prevent tooth decay, and is often contained in over the counter toothpaste. There are other ways to receive fluoride in Portland, and at Laurelwood Dental we can prescribe a number of options to suit your lifestyle and need.

Its is a naturally occurring element that can help prevent dental decay and is a substance that strengthens tooth enamel. It is used as a medication to prevent tooth decay in people that have low levels in their drinking water. Most of the Portland Metro area is unfluoridated.

Fluoride Supplements

Dr. Rice, Dr. Hall, Dr. Isaac Edwards strongly believe prevention and fluoride Portland is key and can prescribe fluoride tablets for children or high-fluoride toothpaste for teenagers and adults. Supplements are a vital part of preventing tooth decay and a program of treatment will be developed for you at your visit.

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