Anesthetic Portland


Visiting the dentist shouldn’t be painful. With a carefully administered anesthetic, Portland dentistry doesn’t have to be. At Laurelwood Dental we want our patients to be comfortable and confident in the services they receive. Anesthetics can be used for a variety of procedures but is most common during filling procedures. It is also commonly used during cavity extractions as well as dental implant installation. The use of anesthetics helps us to create an environment where you can receive dental work without fear. Our experienced dentists, dental assistants, and anesthetic technicians are skilled at performing procedures safely, cleanly, and efficiently.
Dental Anesthetic Portland

  • While you are still “numb” avoid eating as your could bite your lip/cheek/tongue and not feel it until later.
  •  As every person is different, the length of time that the anesthetic numbness should wear off varies. On average, it takes about three to five hours after your appointment for the numbness to wear off.
  • If you had a long appointment and your jaw or facial muscles are sore, avoid challenging yourself with foods that are chewy.
  • If you are sore at the injection site or develop an ulcer in that area, rinse with warm salt water for the next few days (about ¼ tsp. salt in 8 oz. of water) and avoid foods high in salt or acid.

Call our office if you have concerns or if the symptoms do not improve at 503.284.3575.

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