Insurance & Payment Options

Payment Options

  • 5% prepayment savings for uninsured services [Cash, Check, Credit Card or Debit Card]
  • At times, we do allow our patients of record to divide their treatment cost over two or three payments.  If for any reason they extend over this time period, and no alternative arrangements agreed upon, we will be forced to transfer your account for collection assistance.

We are not able to extend payment plans.  For our patients that need this type of an extended credit plan we offer CareCredit.   (We have brochures and applications available for your convenience.)  You can also reach them online at or by calling 1.866.893.7864.

The ever changing world of dental coverage….


Navigating the world of insurance has never been an easy process.  Each year has brought even more challenges our way.  Laurelwood Dental is committed to partnering with you, our patients, and helping you understand your insurance benefits and options.  Many insurance companies want dentists to be under ‘contract’ with them.  These plans are called PPOs or Preferred Provider Organizations.  Many people have their health insurance under this arrangement.  Unfortunately the task of providing quality work, materials, and service under this system has become increasingly more difficult than in previous years.   Laurelwood Dental has declined to join any PPOs, because we want to work for our patients best interest, not the interests of the insurance companies.  Rate cuts imposed by PPOs would force us to use cheaper materials, decrease the length of patient visits, and prevent us from being able to offer you the latest advances in dental technology.  Staying out of network allows our dentists and hygienists to give you the quality of care and service that you deserve.

We strive to keep our patients well-informed with regard to insurance issues and our practices. We utilize online tools and make phone calls daily to make sure we give the most accurate insurance information.  We will always work with your insurance company as an out-of-network provider.  In some cases we will send a Predetermination of benefits to have the insurance estimate in writing, but even this can sometimes leave an unexpected cost in the end.  Here are some key points to remember when trying to understand your insurance plan:

  • We are an out-of-network provider.  We will work with you to make the most of your      coverage while giving you the service you deserve.
  • We are a “Premier level” dentist with ODS [MODA Health] .    We file our fees with ODS to assure that we have average fees compared to other dental offices in our area.
  • Be proactive. Contact your provider to make sure your ID# and coverage is just as you understand it to be.
  • It takes team work.  Please be sure we have all the      necessary information to submit claims on your behalf.

How we handle insurance

  • We are happy to assist you in billing your insurance company as a service to you.  The portion of the bill not covered by your insurance is your responsibility.
  • Laurelwood Dental is not “in network” with any insurance company.
  • Know your plan to avoid surprises on your dental bill. It is important to understand what your insurance will cover, and what you will need to cover some other way.
  • We do our very best to assist in calculating your estimated out of pocket portion.  It is, in fact, an estimate based on any information we were able to gather via: phone, website or fax.
  • We work with many different plans but they are all continually changing and coverage’s are increasingly more complicated than in years past.
  • There are times that policy changes are made between your employer and the insurance company that we are not aware of, despite our diligent work to be accurate and up to date.
  • Our main goal here at Laurelwood Dental is to provide high quality dental care for yourself and your family.  Dealing with insurance can be frustrating, we will do our best lets work together!