Tooth Decay Portland

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay Portland

Many children and adolescents do not practice regular, good oral hygiene habits- a simple reason why children are at high risk for tooth decay in Portland which is preventable. Proper brushing and flossing routines combined with regular visits to the dentist at Laurelwood Dental help keep tooth decay away. A low-sugar diet also helps keep tooth decay at bay.

Tooth Decay Dental Checkups

We recommend regular dental cleanings and checkups every 6 months along with fluoride to keep teeth their strongest. We can identify trouble areas and lapses in flossing and brushing that result in the spread of tooth decay. Developing good habits and correct techniques is important for maintaining healthy teeth. It’s always better to prevent tooth decay, and dental checkups are the perfect first step. We also have a number of options for continued tooth decay prevention for children and adults. This includes sealants, a measure that prevents tooth decay from forming in the deep grooves and hard-to-reach areas of your child’s teeth.

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